bol26 mat02The CDIO framework stems from three Swedish universities and one American university and has spread throughout the world for its innovative engineering education, adapting it to the new social and market realities. In Brazil, even the very respected IME took to it.

bol26 mat03An ITA professor is putting together a laboratory to study human behavior in aircraft piloting. The objective is to identify risk factors that form the basis for the development of cabins designed to help reduce pilot failures and, consequently, reduce the risk of accidents.

bol26 mat05Brazil hosted one of the phases of SACF, a collaborative science program that took place over three years and which brought together agencies, governments, universities and researchers from five countries. The event brought Swedes and Brazilians even closer with regard to issues related to teaching and research. 

bol26 mat04In 2018, the country will host the ICAS, considered the world's most important scientific meeting for Engineering Aeronautics and Space. It is the first edition of the biennial event in South America in its nearly six decades of history. 

bol26 membro01Starting with function zero in the Chassis Factory, during the truck's embryonic stage, quality is the key word for ensuring it gets into the hands of the customer with Scania mark: maximum efficiency and zero defect. But the mission starts well before this, when the first features of the vehicle start to be designed by the Research and Development department, aligned with global demands