6th Brazilian Swedish Workshop in Aeronautics

bol28 mat05Stockholm hosts the 6th edition of the workshop in aeronautics on 25 October

On 25 October, Stockholm will stage the 6th Brazilian Swedish Workshop in Aeronautics. The event is part of a long-term strategy to tighten cooperation in innovation between Brazil and Sweden and involves top-ranking representatives of the government, industry, and academia of both countries. This editions covers the current status of aeronautic cooperation between the countries, discussions on the industry, and the presentation of technology and a method of interaction to provide participants with a deeper scientific perspective of the sector. The aim is to create synergies and new forms of collaboration for all the industry areas.

The workshop is offered by INNOVAIR in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), which also hosts the event, and the CISB - Swedish-Brazilian Research and Innovation Centre. "We wanted a new approach for this year’s edition and included a series of presentations where guests can share their point of view on a given subject or talk about their specialty, followed by an interactive discussion with the audience," says the representative of Innovair, Anders Blom.

One of the major novelties of this edition is the presence of representatives of Brazilian companies who will form part of the immersion programme in ecosystems innovation, organised by the IEL (Euvaldo Lodi Institute), linked to the NIC (National Confederation of Industry) and the CISB. This one-week programme in Sweden includes participation in the 6th workshop, benefiting all the parties involves. "We are very happy about this workshop and hope to make new contacts with Swedish participants. During the special debate on the industrial sector, we will address their expectations in relation to our bilateral cooperation," says Blom. Since the delegation is only formed by companies in the field of aeronautics, he adds, the aim is to extend the debate and see how this sector can establish some form of synergy with other sectors.

Although the Triple Helix concept, university-industry-government, is widely known in Sweden, the workshops will help the Brazilian audience understand how it works and the benefits of cooperation between academia and industry guided by the needs of government. It will also be an excellent opportunity to unite and integrate different audiences and allow the Swedes to learn more about Brazilian research, make contacts, and exchange ideas. 

As the event is organized in Sweden, it is natural to have the majority of participants coming from the Nordic side. The host country has dominated the five previous workshops, but Brazilian intentions reveal that this year we can expect a substantial number of Brazilian participants as well, promising a very interesting interaction. “One of the reasons is, of course, the innovation ecosystems immersion programme, considered a very positive part of the workshop, as mentioned by Anders Blom. Another reason is the travel grants offered by CNPq to several Brazilian researchers, providing a great opportunity for new connections in relevant scientific areas. In all, we expect a little more than 100 participants," says Mats Olofsson, Innovair. The content presented at the workshops and lectures should create a foundation for direct discussions between experts from industry and academia and reveal competencies and needs. This opportunity can pave the way for new project consortia and activities in the coming years. Moreover, participants from the government can shed light on the potential of enhanced cooperation to address new scientific challenges.