Closer to Brazil

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The CISB's efforts to strengthen relations between Brazilian and Swedish institutions continue to deliver excellent results. The novelty is the arrival of another associate of the Nordic country with great interest in strengthening their ties with Brazil. Linnaeus University, a young university founded in 2010 that takes pride in attracting students and researchers from around the world. 

Distributed between the cities of Växjö and Kalmar in southern Sweden, Linnaeus University offers 150 undergraduate programmes to more than 34,000 students, spread across all areas of knowledge. The institution provides a differentiated infrastructure in the research area, the so-called Linnaeus University Centers, which offer state-of-the-art environments.

Its interest in the proximity to Brazil was born through contact with Tadeu dos Santos, a Brazilian student who completed a year of his master's degree at the university in 2016. "I was the supervisor of his thesis and everything went very well", recalls Andreas Linderholt, head of the institution's Mechanical Engineering Department. Another point that has aroused interest in the South American country is the strong collaboration between Brazil and Sweden, especially in the aeronautical field, where Linderholt himself has worked. "These facts have made some departments of the university and I interested in a deeper collaboration with Brazilian universities and industries. When the CISB was presented to us, we definitely wanted to associate”, he explains.

From now on, the institution's desire is to strengthen the exchange of students and teachers with Brazilian academic institutions in order to enrich the teaching programs. Another goal is more ambitious. "I hope that this action can be the foundation for collaboration in research with universities and companies of both countries", says Linderholt, who mentions a special interest in the institutions already associated with the CISB.