Ragnar Larsson, Chalmers University of Technology

One of its biggest challenges in Brazil is to bring its know-how in the mechanics of computational materials, an area not much explored in the country. How do you rate your work so far?

It's going very well. We have activities in progress at ITA in the modeling of structural composite computational failures and in nanocomposites at UFABC.

What were the biggest achievements so far?

I think my biggest achievements are that this job is starting really well! In both areas, we had made joint contributions to conferences last year.

Were you able to establish a network of researchers in the area (inside and outside the ITA)? Is this network strong enough to support long-term collaboration, even after you've finished your work in Brazil?

Within ITA, there are collaborations formed between me and the professors, also involving PhD students in CCM and in structure laboratories. At UFABC, collaborations are taking place at the Materials Engineering center.

In your opinion, what are the main challenges for the coming years?

The challenges relate, as usual, to current research questions about the modeling and simulation of related materials. Furthermore, to consolidating the research network and continuing to disseminate knowledge in Brazil and Sweden.