Now the CISB newsletter has a new session: Women in Science, Technology & Innovation. Each edition will feature an exclusive interview with great women from the world of Science and Innovation. Inaugurating the session, we present Alessandra Holmo, Material Engineer and current CISB Managing Director.

One of the pressing challenges faced by urban areas is related to solid waste management. Approximately 70% of the global waste is generated in cities. A significant share of this waste is organic, and can be part of an overall circular cycle.

The Open Innovation Learning Week in Sweden 2018 was attended by a representative Brazilian delegation, involving members of industry, academia and government, providing an ideal platform for integration and exchange of experiences, interests and perspectives.

All the work developed by CISB - Swedish-Brazilian Research and Innovation Center - for the Open Innovation Learning Week in Sweden 2018 (OILW) was crucial to the great success of the edition, which took place from November 5 to 9, in 4 Swedish cities.

It was a great opportunity to learn about the interaction and management model of innovation in companies and research institutions in Sweden.