Linköping University creates a strategic unit to strengthen its international relations around the world. Brazil is one of the beneficiaries. 

Holding 35 round-tables, 2 workshops, 106 cases received and 16 selected ones, 26 sponsors, 54 institutional supporters and 900 participants from 300 different companies, the ANPEI Conference of Innovation 2018 discussed the New Levers for Value Creation on August 15-16 at ExpoGramado in Rio Grande do Sul. 

Scania will let its production line ready to no longer depend on fossil fuels. Each model sold in any part of the world will be able to run with different types of renewable energy as biodiesel, bioethanol, biomethane gas (produced from wastes), electricity and it will also be prepared to receive the necessary technology to run autonomously in the future, without driver's intervention.

Scania Latin America holds the third edition of Inovathon, marathon of innovation in transport and logistics for Brazilian university students, which has only a mission: transforming the world of transports. 

bol30 not01In April, CISB promoted a course that brought important names related to the Swedish aeronautics sector so that they could present their experience in identifying future scenarios and developing technology for the Defence area to the Brazilian Armed Forces and Embraer.