Carlos Cimini just returned to Brazil after a year in Sweden. In addition to the important referral for his research project, the professor at UFMG says the opportunity was essential to create ties for a series of future projects.

Boletim CISBThe Brazilian company Akaer was approved in three calls for research projects with Swedish institutions. The result of this research is expected to strengthen Brazilian industrial innovation.

bol26 mat01 siteCISB has just signed a partnership with IEL for Brazilian executives visiting Swedish institutions. It will be a unique opportunity to become acquainted with the initiatives of a country ranked as the 2nd most innovative in the world.

Boletim CISBThe Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) signs a cooperation agreement with Linköping University (LiU) that includes a partnership to boost the aviation sector.

bol26 mat02The CDIO framework stems from three Swedish universities and one American university and has spread throughout the world for its innovative engineering education, adapting it to the new social and market realities. In Brazil, even the very respected IME took to it.