In 2014, the CISB launched a Call for Support to International Collaboration and one of the professors was Colonel Aviador Abrahão, an enthusiast from the aeronautical support area within the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA).

bol28 not01Innovation and cutting-edge technology combined with market experience and knowledge of the transport system are Scania’s trademarks in urban mobility solutions.

Boletim CISBIn October, a group of Brazilian businesspersons will have the opportunity to visit Sweden to learn about the Swedish model that makes the Scandinavian country one of the world leaders in innovation. The immersion is promoted by CISB in partnership with the IEL and carries the seal of the MEI (Business Innovation Mobilization).

KTH - Royal Institute of Technology organized the Summer School - Smart City Concepts course from September 4-8 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Boletim CISBThe student competition offers all the resources for developing new ideas and learning in practice.