Boletim CISBIn October, a group of Brazilian businesspersons will have the opportunity to visit Sweden to learn about the Swedish model that makes the Scandinavian country one of the world leaders in innovation. The immersion is promoted by CISB in partnership with the IEL and carries the seal of the MEI (Business Innovation Mobilization).

Boletim CISBThe student competition offers all the resources for developing new ideas and learning in practice.

Boletim CISBThe Brazilian Army has awarded Ms. Alessandra Holmo, Managing Director of Swedish-Brazilian Research & Innovation Centre (CISB) with a medal for its contribution to the Brazilian Army Science, Technology and Innovation System (SCTIEx).

Boletim CISBRecently, the CISB won another associate. It was RISE, a Swedish institution that aims to strengthen ties between the Scandinavian country and Brazil, helping to strengthen networking, knowledge transfer and bilateral cooperation involving academia and industry from both nations.

Carlos Cimini just returned to Brazil after a year in Sweden. In addition to the important referral for his research project, the professor at UFMG says the opportunity was essential to create ties for a series of future projects.