Partnership between CNPq and CISB

CISB has a partnership agreement with CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) signed in 2012. Through this agreement, its member Saab AB offered post-graduate scholarships within the scope of the Science without Borders program. Since 2012, 4 joint announcements have been launched between CISB, CNPq and Saab AB, having received more than 350 project applications.

Through this partnership, 34 scholarships in Sweden have been awarded, 21 of which are postdoctoral scholarship and 13 are a doctoral sandwich scholarship to Brazilian researchers from 17 universities and covering 5 regions of Brazil. In Sweden, there are 8 universities and research institutes, which received visiting researchers.

In addition to having the chance to develop their projects at universities of excellence in Sweden, the Brazilian researchers were also able to participate in joint research projects with Saab AB, acquiring international experience and the university-industry relationship, one of the characteristics that guarantee the success of the Swedish innovation system.

Upon returning to Brazil, researchers can be considered "ambassadors" of collaboration with Sweden. In addition to an impressive academic result, with a total of 71 scientific publications in partnership with the Swedes, the researchers continue their collaboration through initiatives such as STINT-CAPES, Special Visiting Professor CNPq, partnership between research laboratories of the two countries, support in the development of cooperation agreements between universities, among others. Among the 34 researchers, 18 continued their research projects initially approved with activities in both countries.

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