Sweden has long been considered one of the most innovative countries in the world, however few people can really understand what is behind all their success. It is in this context that the Open Innovation Learning Week in Sweden (OILW), one-week programme in 3 different cities of the country, offers a unique opportunity for the Brazilian community to interact with the main actors of the Swedish Innovation System, which today is considered a global centre of revolutionary technologies.

Through different activities held at universities, technology parks, excellence centres, research institutes, government bodies and companies in Sweden, the programme aims to connect the participants to potential Swedish partners, promote the networking between Brazilians and inspire the Innovation Ecosystem of Brazil. So far, more than 90 representatives of Brazilian industry, government and academia have visited Sweden and several partnerships were stablished the stemmed from the programme.



Stockholm, Linköping and Gothenburg.

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Embassy of Sweden in Brasilia and Embassy of Brazil in Stockholm