CISB organizes a week-long mission to Sweden called “Open Innovation Learning Week in Sweden” (OILW) with the aim of providing interaction between the participants and some of the main players in the Swedish innovation system, as well as getting to know the Swedish triple helix model and understanding the context that makes Sweden one of the most innovative countries in the world, according to the Global Index Innovation.

During the week, there are technical visits, lectures and seminars at universities, technology parks, companies, and Swedish government agencies, which provide a broad understanding of the country’s innovation system. In addition, the visits are an opportunity to network and start partnerships.

To date, 4 editions have been held. In 2017, OILW was organized in partnership with IEL (Euvaldo Lodi Institute), a body linked to CNI (National Confederation of Industries). The 2018 edition had the partnership of ANPEI and the support of 10 other Brazilian institutions.

The initiative has already taken more than 90 Brazilians to Sweden, all representatives of different triple helix organizations, which has contributed to attracting new CISB members, MoU signings and greater cooperation between Brazilian and Swedish development agencies, especially in the aeronautics sector.

CISB also organizes missions on demand for closed groups. A specific agenda is created according to the participants’ objectives. For more information, send us a message.